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» The 8 quality gaps in product design

Quality, a perception problem

In markets with high competition and increasingly demanding buyers, brands are obliged to redouble their efforts to design products that successfully meet the expectations of their customers.

Even one who respected the maximum quality standards, might not be the winner in consumer choice. What then would be the best product? One who knew favorably to the perception of your target market, allowing it to interpret that fits over the resolution of their needs and desires in the situation involved.

Gaps in perception

Adapting the model of service quality timely made by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry, then eight gaps that may occur in the processes of the companies on the road to the satisfaction of its customers will be identified. Each of these perception gaps explain the instances in which place may have errors or deviations in interpretation that may be incurred.

Gap 1: Needs Gap 2: Capitalize Gap 3: Between Gap 4: Among the attributes Gap 5: Construction of the marketing Gap 6: Distance between perception Gap 7: From the experience gained Gap 8: Something finished product

Identify the eight gaps offers to companies the opportunity to make things better.

To the extent that the decision makers in the company, as well as those of their implementation, can have the care, concern, dedication and skills to solve the indicated gaps, it could be assumed that this will be able to offer the market differentiating, superior value and really live up to the preferences of the markets that are addressed proposals.

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