renew die visual identity

Evolve or die: Visual Identity

The Monterrey Institute of Technology launched its new logo, which incorporates an element of his traditional shield, as part of its new strategy of identity.

"Our New Identity Strategy contemplates the use of two elements: the shield, which will be preserved for formal and official character uses, and logo, which will be part of everyday and promotional activity of the institution", according to the statement in Institution website.

According to José Antonio Fernández Carbajal, committee president of Monterrey's Institute of Technology, these changes seek to represent proudly and respectfully of its past, with all the accomplishments it has had for over 70 years, and also projecting intensely their future and vision of becoming competitive international leaders with entrepreneurship and human sense.

The logo consists of a torch, that according to studies conducted, the most important element is the shield.

We also made sure that the official image is still represented by the shield, which contains within itself the history of the institution and its academic prestige projects.

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