Training is the key for the progress of your company

Training is the key for the progress of your company

Technological advances and globalization have transformed international markets in multiple aspects, drawing a job scenario characterized by an accelerated evolution of knowledge and competences, which forces qualified professionals to take constant training and being up-to-date.

The knowledge we gained in college is no longer enough, and we require a constant training through our professional careers, essential to survive on business world.

We are immersed in a reality where probably, our professional profile will disappear or maybe what we know now will be no longer used next year. Actually, one of the most associated problems with unemployment is that professional downgrading for those who face it.

Knowledge is a distinction value. Skills we acquire are capable of providing future incomes to the organization, which is traduced on investment. An investment that Mexico hadn’t been able to achieve.

This data shows recent studies made by Training Software industry:

• Only 5 of every ten Mexican Companies had invested in training.

• Investment is usually intended to machinery, furniture and computer equipment and, paradoxically, it is not for having up-to-date people that use all that new equipment.

To survive this global business world we live, the future of personnel training must be essential for all companies. It’s merely impossible having profitable and productive employees if they don’t get enough knowledge and experience.

Training and development plans must define company’s needs and objectives and so, design specific solutions for reaching business goals and human resources.

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