The sideboard is your best ally

» The sideboard is your best ally

The sideboard is the first image of a store. It has to attract attention and provoke the desire to enter.

Over 70 percent of the information we receive comes through sight. The percentage increases if we talk about advertising, where creative people bet on visual aspects to attract more customers. The costs of massive campaigns are, in many cases, impossible to assume for small businesses, however, have a very powerful weapon: its sideboard. Well maintained and organized it becomes a billboard for around 15, 000 people, who can go ahead on a weekday in cities with population around 125, 000 habitants.

"The sideboard is the primary means of communication of proximity business, they are the only gap they have with potential customers, so you have to show them attractive to invite them to enter", stresses José Luis Martínez, director of the School of Visual Merchandising Ártidi.

The sideboards should be changed every 20 days, at most. To stay budget-friendly, you can maintain a database according to the season and to vary only some elements. For example, it is advisable for a shoe store to display only 10 models instead of 30, and go changing them every week. Thus, it would seem that usually renews its catalog.

The decor should not completely nullify the objects trying to promote.

There is no need to spend a huge budget. With less than 1,000 pesos, you can do a flashy sideboard, for example: a large photograph purchased in an image bank or recycling materials. Imagination and originality are the most important ingredient.

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