The basic tools of 5S quality improvement

» The basic tools of 5S quality improvement

What are the 5 S?

5'S strategy is a Quality program devised in Japan referring to "Facility Management" of companies. These strategies are actions that are expressed in early five Japanese words that begin with S.

Japanese        English

Seiri                     Classification and Disposal
Seiton                 Organization
Seiso                   Cleaning
Seiketsu             Hygiene and Visualization
Shitsuke             Discipline and Commitment

The implementation of this methodology helps with the following:
• Improves Quality
• Eliminates Downtime
• Reduces costs

Further statistical studies in companies around the world that have implemented this system show that the implementation of the first 3 ‘S translates into:
• 40 percent reduction of its maintenance costs.
• 70 percent reduction in the number of accidents.
• 10 percent growth percent equipment reliability.
• 15 percent growth of the mean time between failures.

The strategy of 5S is a simple concept that often people don’t give enough importance, however, its implementation allows us to guide the company and workshops towards very specific targets.

This is why becomes important the implementation of the strategy of 5’S. It is not a fad or a new management model or process of implementing something Japanese. Simply, it is a basic principle to improve our lives and make our workplace a place worth living fully.

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