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With the emergence of new technologies, business connectivity was seen as same purpose and not as a tool helping to find concrete solutions to the needs and problems of the companies, it was thought that the mere adoption of these technologies before competitors providing a competitive advantage (Carr, 2003). Although the first opportunity that TIC offers is the ability to get in touch with the outside world, but this only makes sense if you can become concrete and immediate results for businesses. "In the end, what matters is not connectivity but as used" (Gomez and Casadiego, 2002).

In a second step, some companies realize the need to integrate all applications owned. The point is that the use of TIC to improve the performance of Pymes is not only a matter of technology and hardware but of relationships between the people in a company and the environment in which it is located. More important is the ability to develop appropriate technologies and turn them into tools to help them find solutions to specific problems (Gómez and Casadiego, 2002).

The latest stage in terms of the possibilities offered by TIC is the "On demand". The central argument of this new stage says it is not enough to gain access to TIC, the most important thing is to strengthen the capacities of Pymes to maximize their use. Therefore, the needs of Pymes that can be covered by the On demand approach are improving ROI, streamline decision making, outsourcing, or reduce operational risk.

Advantages and disadvantages arising from this new process:

advantages arising from this new process disadvantages arising from this new process

The success of policies and programs to strengthen the use of TIC should not be measured by the number of computers equipped with or connected to the Internet, companies are seen as important when firms improve their competitiveness through the opportunities offered by TIC when productivity increases and when the welfare of workers is enhanced through the appropriation of TIC. You need to take into account the differences in the productive sector and the interrelationships between Pymes when proposing strategies for the dissemination of TIC.

MVP Business Strategy provides comprehensive solutions that align the performance of each member of the company with the objectives of the position. If your business requires to make more rational use of resources and focused we facilitate that process.

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