Strengthen and promote national supplies industry

» Strengthen and promote national supplies industry

Mexican Industrial Suppliers Association (APIMEX) seeks that national content supplying of automotive and aerospace industries pass from 10 to 60 percent.

Carlo Benedetti Cavaliere, council president, said: "This is the challenge we have, that everything is manufactured here either with local suppliers to provide value added and leave the gain to Mexico and not to other countries”.

He said currently, exchange rate may favor the generation of greater opportunities in the sector, which will also facilitate development of more local suppliers.

"We have skilled labor, thats why automakers are being installed, we are able to offer it and can qualify better and that is a competitive advantage in Mexico", said the also president of National Association of Industry Suppliers Footwear, ANPIC.

He recalled that Mexico is just below Germany, United States and Canada in world production of auto-parts, "meaning that it has a major presence in market and can be increased".

Is expected to continue the arrival of foreign investment in the industrial field. Presence of a strong and competitive national industrial is vital to maintain and to generate greater economic and social development of Mexico.

These investments will generate local companies with international projection, with technological development in territory and therefore able to survive and thrive even if their transnational clients leave the country.

Benedetti considered that with APIMEX integration is intended that small and medium sector enterprises (SMEs) have greater opportunities, join and create stronger and more competitive suppliers at national and international level.

He noted that this sector requires a prepared, qualified and reliable supplies industry, so Mexico has great business opportunities in the short and medium.

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