Sensorial Marketing and the empire of senses

» Sensorial Marketing and the empire of senses

How brands reach consumers through the senses.

Consumers’ minds are saturated with information, advertisements, spots... everything to attract their attention! Any company can give that! It won’t make any difference and won’t get loyalty of your customers.

Do you want to establish a strong link? The secret is to go a little bit further. You have to get reign in the empire of senses, you have to use Sensorial Marketing.

When all information surrounding the customer reaches their brain, rational and emotional part begin a struggle to monopolize information. When this battle is won by emotional part of our brain, empire of the senses is imposed.

This creates that memories through emotions and feelings be more stable, more durable; relive feelings that produced experience you will remember the product or service instead gave them that pleasure.

In sensory marketing you try to use normal and everyday resources that always have been used, but now seeks to do so in a planned and programmed to create those experiences. Premise is to use senses, memories, emotions and sensations, leading to end means used to achieve your product or brand in emotional part of consumers’ brain. Yes, emotional part of the brain of consumers, the place where loyalty lives.

Traditionally in order to attract a customer companies have availed of sight and hearing, mainly through advertising; also through taste, through promotions and tastings at the point of sale. But that's too basic for sensorial marketing. You have to keep doing it, while you wake up a sense in the client.

Sensorial Advertising is that with close images, soft but intense images. No pretensions to come to our senses (and of course I don’t mean the sight or hearing).

The Sensorial Marketing seeks something small, concrete, close that makes our brain associates and set memory strongly. The colors of a candy store, the smell of popcorn at the cinema, the feel of an apple or a new car smell.

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