Selling of a product called: Candidate

Selling of a product called: Candidate

Political Marketing seems to become a greater weight dimension for Politics and Marketing worlds in the same way.

It is increasingly common that marketing gurus help a specific candidate to position itself as the best choice facing voters. Meanwhile, marketing industry places at mercy of politics even more sophisticated tools and even convoluted that allow them to do the same; making that candidate is being chosen by the majority of voters.

So, to understand the dynamics of this article, in Political Marketing we have a "product" called "candidate", which must be positioned in a short time in the mind of the greatest possible number of "buyers" (electorate). These voters should buy the Political proposal, offered by this campaign and choose from among all the others.

It’s so far that golden age of advertising, when the great globalization, which would bring internet later, and strategies of any kind of marketing were only unidirectional.

Nowadays, there are no political marketing campaigns powerful enough to make the audience stop wondering something fundamental: how will I know if that candidate is a good person? How will I know if this candidate who is promising to defend my interests, is humble enough to rectify if he/she makes mistakes?...

Neuromarketing and psychology experts also help candidates to transmit values and personal qualities such as humility, honesty and loyalty.
However, these experts seem to have forgotten that these are qualities that can’t be built in overnight and can’t be transmitted, or perceived, therefore, they do not really exist.

It is important to get focused in political marketing strategies that work long-term and stop paying so much attention to sophisticated strategies, that “confuse” the electorate, and end up defrauding and disappointing when we remove the paper and see that there was nothing under that "nice wrapper"


It is certainly important to get exposed to the changes and new practices to create an electoral profile of the candidate, supported by communication, marketing and politics professionals in order to psychologically motivate voters to give us their vote..

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