Seek to integrate SMEs export

» Seek to integrate SMEs export

Potentiate the ability of small and medium-sized providers to become major exporters by financing companies is the new initiative of Bancomext said Enrique de la Madrid, CEO of this institution.

By placing loans, either directly or through commercial banking with the institution, the intention is to finance the expansion of production to be integrated not only as suppliers but even as substitute imports.

"The challenge for Mexico is to grow faster, you have some companies that are very productive every year and you have others which not only don’t grow but sometimes their productivity is negative", said De la Madrid in an interview.

"What Bancomext can do, in addition to traditional financing contribution is to link to large exporting companies that are already our customers and match them to small and medium enterprises linking them in production," he said.

This initiative comes to the global trend of bringing suppliers to the production process, since the new demands of business is that in addition to price and quality there is the proximity factor.

The method has been tested, basically because small suppliers have previously worked with the company, implying that there was already a selection, which reduces the risk of failure in terms of quality, leaving only help them boost their production.

The first sector involved is the automotive, especially chosen because already shown its success as a productive platform, but the intention is that the program extends to others as the program grows.

Additionally, to understand better the needs of the production plant, the bank will revive the strategy of consultative forums, where Bancomext meets with businessmen from large companies and different sectors to explain what challenges are facing to engage with suppliers.

The first meeting will celebrate in Monterrey, where are served the northern states of the country, and then develop the initiative to Guadalajara to the South-West zone and later in Mexico City.

"From the big exporters is that we want to integrate supply chains, because that also we will do more competitive and will generate more employment opportunities in the country".

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