Sector that delights the country

» Sector that delights the country

The entry of new proposals that look to cater to a more sophisticated, demanding, but with a busy life consumer has consolidated the casual dining industry in Mexico.

The category of causal meal at the country has a value of 2,100 mdd and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.4 percent during 2012 to 2016, according to Euromonitor International.

As mentioned Ricardo Gutierrez, IHOP's operations manager, casual dining industry "is a sector growing rapidly in recent years that has had significant progress. Mexico is an important market because of its population growth and the need for its population of eating out. Mexican society always looking for new feeding options, we have a middle class eager for foreign brands seeking this type of food either because someone has recommended it or because they need to try new things".

Searching for different feeding options and consumption needs are taking ranks as main engine of growth in that sector and that couple has major challenges for brands of casual dining when trying to captivate a very different commensal from a few years back.

On the other hand, food trucks, are located as a significant player within the casual industry, they give a new twist to the sector and boost the market but rethinking the idea of restaurant service in Mexico.

Food trucks impact "has been pointed out as a concept recently introduced but undoubtedly comes hard. No doubt the added value of this concept, especially the convenience it offers, have an impact on the sector so it is vital that each brand analyze its strategy. In some cases must simply focus and reinforce what you already have, but in others may need to diversify a little service experience", according to Judith Rodriguez, 100 montaditos Mexico's marketing manager.

With the above in mind, casual dining restaurants not only must have a first table service, but the issue of the location, an innovative experience, the price and the speed of attention will play an increasingly greater role.

"In Mexico we have a service expectation higher than in other countries. In complicated years like was this, consumer is even more selective about where they will spend their money when it comes out", said Christian Gurría. Argument that complements Judith Rodriguez's vision, who detail "Mexicans are very tired with certain concepts. However, when a new proposal comes, we don't dare first instance to try, but we expect feedback from those who were encouraged".

Therefore, to achieve significant levels of satisfaction with the new consumer brands should worry even more by building a solid brand image where the firm will have to be seen as an ally to the situation with affordable prices as well as having a exceptional location, quality products and a first class service to all this is conjugated in a unique customer experience and achieve retain their preference.

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