SOS: 7 tips to develop a manual of crisis in your company

SOS: 7 tips to develop a manual of crisis in your company

Thanks of the exposure we have with different audiences, the crisis within companies are most common in our daily lives.

More and more brands professionalize management of their social networks, however, how many of them consider their digital strategy in developing a crisis manual? Mainly the role is taken by content strategies and aspirations to have far-reaching impact, but not on something as valuable as care brand.

It is essential that every brand counts with a manual that tells what to do in times of crisis. In MVP Business Strategy we think you should base on 7 points to develop your crisis manual on social networks.

1. Singling: consider the characteristics of your company, old brand, business model, service type, company size, etc.
2. Identification: our beliefs are limiting our actions, and sometimes may go against our goals without even knowing it.
3.Response and Assessment: protocol should be governed under the action; what matters is that we should act promptly, security and transparently.
4. Common cases: Maybe one fact frequently occur. Such situations should be described in the manual, along with their steps action.
5. Monitoring: study the situation until social networks are standardized.
6. Report of crisis: explains the scope that had and measures taken, detailing its effectiveness.
7. Learning: each new experience will be a source of learning and know how to deal with certain situations in the future.

The importance of good crisis management should not skimp. In MVP Business Strategy get support from an honest team if your company is in a crisis time. Or if you prefer also we will take care of managing your social networks.



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