Resistance to organizational change? 6 Keys to overcome

Resistance to organizational change? 6 Keys to overcome

Every company goes through by certain moment when is obvious and necessary to make changes.

Having good communication, but mainly, motivation to encourage team members to understand, change and promote new working and learning ways within organizations.

The key for reducing resistance to changes is on the justification of that changes. We know that there are not recipes that make easier this work, but some methods can help us to minimize the impact.

  • 1. Development of an effective and efficient communication strategy, able to inform and mobilize those who are involved.

  • 2. Identification, monitoring, reduction of the impact on the corporate culture, boosting organizational alignment.

  • 3. Support from leaders of the organization related to outlined objectives in the proposed changes.

  • 4. Conducing training and support strategies after changes are made.

  • 5. Manage risks caused by the transition, generate measuring instruments to adjust implementation process.

  • 6. Development of team coaching project, supported by senior management to achieve expected results.



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