Reprogram your year financially

Reprogram your year financially

If you start 2015 a little tight of money you can start over and rethink financially.

Perhaps among your objectives are payments, save or purchase health insurance, to achieve these purposes, Sofia Macias, spokeswoman for MasterCard intelligent consumption, recommended setting effective goals or objectives from questions like: What do you want to accomplish? How much would it cost to reach that goal? How long will revert to that end? and How to achieve these goals?

Marta Blanco, communications director of Kredito 24 , recommended to plan from the beginning of the year our fixed expenses (rent payments, electricity, tuition, telephone, gas, etc.) and variables (meals, entertainment) based on our income, either biweekly, monthly or annual basis.

The experts reported three goals may arise at the beginning of this year and tips to achieve them.
1. Savings: Book 10 percent of your income to savings. Also, you must have and specific target for this goal or create an emergency fund.
2. Debt payment: debts payment can be ranking according to the amount, from the smallest and the subsequent, or according to priority and urgency of payment.
3. Medical Insurance: is one of the least acquired by Mexicans, according to a study of Staff and Strategic Communication. However, it is one of most important to acquire, because when a family member or yourself you become ill, significantly deplete resources.


• Extra money. Even if you don't have time, you can earn extra income by performing some of your hobbies.
• Reminder goals. Don't lose sight of your goals; in the refrigerator you can put a post it reminding them.
• Put first and last name to your savings. "My trip to the Bahamas this summer ". This can be an incentive to not forget for what purpose are saving.



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