Protect yourself against identity theft

Protect yourself against identity theft!

Identity theft has become a harsh reality. To keep secure our personal data, some companies offer alternatives to protect ourselves from identity theft.

There are two ways how criminals try to obtain the necessary information to make an attempt of identity theft: physical information theft (offline) and identity theft through information technologies (online).

The National Commission for Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) gives a number of tips to protect us from this threat.

• Make your transactions only on secure websites, do not share your passwords or PIN, or lose sight of your cards in stores.

• If it no longer useful, break carefully your bank statements and other valuable information. Keep very safely all your documents.

• If you have credits, check what kind of insurances are you counting on, analyze if you have enough protection or whether you should hire a new service to protect your identity.

There are some alternatives such as the protection CPP Mexico offers, which manages a Personal Protection Against Identity Theft Program paying 1 350 Mexican pesos annually.

Their protection services cover IDs and cards theft, cloning, phishing and illegally obtained documents.

AIG provides Car Insurance Policies with unlimited and comprehensive coverage which includes protection against credit or debit card and official identification theft.

Identity theft can also be done in Taxes area. MVP Business Strategy collaborate in custody and optimization of your company’s financial resources.



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