Neuromarketing: connecting brands with emotions

Neuromarketing: connecting brands with emotions

Focus your ads correctly by measuring your customer’s urges and emotions; this is what neuromarketing does, it’s a discipline that combines the study of the brain with advertising to improve campaigns.

“This discipline is based on neuroscience studies about brain processes, and working together with marketing, helps to understand the impact of the stimulation- like commercial ads, images, videos, colors, etc., that brands use for selling”, explains Ricardo Perret, director of BrainScan.

Using MRI brain scans, CT scans and eyetracking, including eye movement and tightness of the pupils, neuromarketing measures four characteristics on brain waves:

  • 1. How much the subject is paying attention on what are you selling.

  • 2. The emotion showed because of this stimulus.

  • 3. How much the customer remembers.

  • 4. What kind of intention or urge have towards the product or service after reciving the stimulus.

This technique is used to obtain information about meanings, timetables, frequency, colors, images and words that any advertising campaign should contain.

“There are three areas in the brain involved on decision-making: the reptile area take decisions based on survival (protection, hunger, fear, sex); the limbic area responds to emotions (affection, love, sadness, hatred), and the neocortex area manages decisions associated with logics.” Explained Juan Carlos Mejía Llano, Manager of Social Media and Business Analytics on INVAMER Consulting Group.

Companies must be careful and not to confuse Neuromarketing with Sense Marketing, which technique is based on organizing a focus group that tastes, smells and touch the elements of a product.



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