Mobbing, a form of working aggression

Mobbing: a sort of agression at work

Mobbing affects many workplaces and institutions, as this form of aggression is disguised because of their ignorance and many consider it part of the work environment.

Through the same collaborators this form of organizational aggression is exercised, because a mercenary culture, in which what matters is money, not people.

In this atmosphere of individualism and lack of a culture of labor integration, the talent becomes a trigger of fear for those who feel overwhelmed or threatened and therefore seek to methodically eliminate all costs.

In this type of violence interfere the whole work group, from the same co-workers and even leaders, generating gossip each other against aggrieved or victim and that permeate all circles.

Interfere various characters: the bully, who started the attacks and conspires behind your back; the gossip, rumors running and stretching; passive or indifferent, that doesn't favor anyone and says nothing letting it all happen, knowing the truth, and the victim.

Being fat or skinny, dress well or badly, wearing heels and skirt or even receive a promotion that puts dissatisfied others, this can be a trigger for mobbing.

To stop these attacks simply to seek a policy of respect, values, organizational culture can generate very positive results, as has already happened in many companies where simply prohibit "to gossip", it resulted in a better labor environment.

To make a company to become the best company to work in, but also a company where workers are happy to work at the end it results in an efficient productivity and loyal and dedicated workers.



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