Mexico as a seedbed of training in the automotive industry

Mexico as a "seedbed" for training in the automotive industry

Mexico will become the "seedbed" automotive training of America for Renault-Nissan Alliance, after to consider plant 1 Aguascalientes (A1) as the most competitive worldwide through its methodologies, assembly processes and quality certification.

At the Aguascalientes offices opening, Nissan makes Mexico the second Global Training Center outside of Japan, in which Brazilians will receive counseling to produce Sentra.

The fact that corporation has chosen to A1 as the "mother plant in the region" to provide training to our continent's subsidiaries and for allocation of future new projects, represents an honor, according to Armando Avila, vice president of manufacturing Nissan Mexicana.

He mentioned that Mexico trains the staff of US plants and will soon reach the Brazilians.

"This great recognition is the result of years of work by a large team of manufacturing professionals who have demonstrated that they have training capabilities at the highest level ", he said.

Plant A1 will receive the staff of the Nissan assembly plant in Cuernavaca. Additionally, Renault sent staff from its plants in South America to be trained in these facilities.

The vice president of manufacturing at Nissan abounded that the proven reputation of Mexican quality labor is reflected in the confidence that corporation deposited in the Mexican plant, which will soon also produce vehicles for Infiniti luxury brand.



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