Jorge Vergara shares a management lesson

» Jorge Vergara shares a management lesson

For analysts, Jorge Vergara made the mistake of not delegate responsibilities to lead the Chivas football club. But he says it is just the opposite: "That's an urban legend. I think my biggest mistakes in Omnilife and Chivas have been the opposite: I delegate too much".

"I haven't known how to choose the best or most appropriate at the time," says the chairman of Omnilife - Chivas Angelíssima - Group.

For years the Mexican soccer club is going through a bad time. Today it struggle to get away from the danger of falling into second division of the league.
- What is your main learning?
- To delegate, to choose and delegate people who had to direct, technically and equipment.

Vergara still seems angry with the Dutchman, who left in December 2012. After his nearly 10 months of consulting, the team was the same or worse than before.

As a player, Cruyff was instrumental in the revolution of Dutch football in the 70s and as a coach he put the seed of Barcelona beautiful game in this century.

In Chivas, he left the grass that won't grow at the Omnilife Stadium.
- What do you recommend to a company that contract a consultant like him?

First, do not blindly trust in consultant successes without analyzing perfectly well that his consultancy wasn't adequate. And two, accepting his team without checking first. It was a very inexperienced team work. I will never in my life allow again that someone places a relative on my consulting team.

Vergara has earned a reputation for meddling in football team operation, not to let their coaches work, and to become club spokesman of media.

But those who worked with him, at least at the time of the triumphs, don't recognize that image about him.

Initially, the new owner of Chivas was surrounded by people who knew the middle, like De la Torre. He opted for the youth of the quarry and built the most important system in the country of basic forces. And got out the club from the red numbers.

Golden age didn't last. Football officials and many of executives who worked with Vergara in those years left Chivas, coinciding with the arrival of Fuentes to the company.

"It is a man who likes results, is a winner in life and in business", says analyst and former World Cup referee Edgardo Codesal. "With these levels of demand, sometimes has little patience waiting for results."



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