Is Mexico facing a crisis in human resources?

» Is Mexico facing a crisis in human resources?

According to a research made by the human resources firm: Manpower Group, shortage of technical talent is a global problem that employers claim as the occupation most difficult for recruit.

The survey was conducted on 40,000 employers human resources globally (two thousands of them Mexican) and found that the offices where shortages of talent: firstly manual qualified workers; secondly engineers and thirdly technicians.

According to Manpower, next on the list correspond to sales representatives; accounting and finance staff; managers and directors; sales managers; personnel systems; office support staff; and drivers.

The study notes that the three main areas have been the most difficult to fill for some years, and although shifting are always in the top three.

This is due to lack of aggressive compensation plans to attract staff, lack of candidates with the required skills, shortage of available candidates, lack of experience or related to employability skills and lack of alignment with candidate expectations, as surveyed employers.

36 percent of employers worldwide ensures suffer from shortage of talent, or difficulty filling certain jobs.

This figure rises to 44 percent in Mexico, which means an increase of 6 percent compared with the previous year.

Second option seems to be the strategy that authorities take to respond to the situation associated with educational institutions to ensure that courses are aligned with their talent needs.

47 % of companies facing this situation adopt new staff practices; 25 % seek new sources of talent, recruiting talent pools among under-exploited; and 23 % are prepared to adopt new models and alternative jobs, according to data compiled by Manpower.

It also denotes that lack of technical skills, candidates, and experience are some reasons that employers used to not cover certain places; in Mexico, for example, companies also add another reasons as "motivation, lack of foreign language and computer skills".

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