How to prepare your product to export it?

How to prepare your product to export it?

Preparation phase for a product to export is something critical and it is important to have been provided all kinds of situations. You should expect to have some adaptation degree to sell your product outside domestic market before making your first sale.
Consult your potential customers, wholesalers, agents, embassies, etc. It will help you determine the best strategy to expand sales of your products in foreign market.

Find out how this market works by studying rival products in the country you want to do business.

Meanwhile, take a sample of the product that you want to export and verifies that comply with the list below:

• Check the name of your product
It may sound good to you, but you must be sure of what does it means for your new target market.

• Check the colors of your package
Maybe a black and gold or silver packaging conveys elegance and sophistication in some countries, while in others may suggest death. Verify that your color options, illustrations or graphics are appropriate, attractive and understandable to the end user.

• Analyze packaging and design
!f there is any way you could get feedback about your packaging design by consumers, do it. You might be omitting essential details, such as adding a barcode.

• Knowing labeling requirements
Generally, sticker must show importer agent's name and address, package weight on standard sizes of the country, an inscription and expiration date.

• Determine how you will manage guarantees
Foreshadow what is needed to accomplish these goals in global and local market. Plan your logistics from start to finish and determine those who will be responsible.

• Be sure of environmental effects in your product
If your product cannot adapt to environmental conditions, maybe, you have to choose another market.

Adapting your product to satisfy foreign market needs, is a considerable task that will require a substantial investment of time and money. Take initiative, make investments, make your product the best one and sell it abroad.

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