How to make your business Socially Responsible

How to make your business Socially Responsible

Being responsible is also profitable.

Impact of brands on society and the environment is increasingly important to consumers. If your company does not have a social model, pick one!

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is not a fad but an essential for companies that want to be competitive and stay in the time element. If your company is not socially responsible, you can take these small actions that create large differences, and you can apply without consuming a lot of resources and time.

1. Start with your employees

Worry about your employees receive everything they need to develop as professionals and human beings. Fair wages and benefits beyond the law.
Offer a clean and safe workplace in addition to flexible hours and holidays.

2. Positive influence on the society

Include disadvantaged groups not only enhance your brand reputation, but also the organizational climate and attracting talent.

3. Support a Startup with social or environmental mission

You can provide support by funding, providing mentoring and introducing them to new markets.

4. Adopt a green area and reduce your energy impact

Caring for a ridge, a park or a garden will serve as a metaphor for the importance of pursuing every day to continue growing, as your business.

5. Make a 'Social Responsibility' campaign

Campaigning to promote values such as generosity and caring for the planet will improve your reputation in the market.

6. Do not pollute

Look for alternatives to reduce environmental impact generated by the creation of your products or services.

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