How to make a company more competitive?

How to make a company more competitive?

Your business has opportunities to improve the quality of its products and services, you just have to discover them.

A change in attitude can be the difference between success or failure of your company: competitiveness. Big business know it, but are SMEs that can benefit more when applied to each of its processes.

To understand the concept even better we summarize as the ability of organizations to obtain and maintain key advantages to optimize the performance of their resources, whether human, material, financial or intellectual.

Achieve it translates as the result of a strategy and a continuous effort from different areas of the organization.

Recommendations to turn your organization into a highly competitive.

Innovation: generate creative ideas that add value. Want to innovate? First consider these maxims from the experts:

  • • Do not criticize new ideas.

  • • Create permanent challenges in this area.

  • • Have financial willingness to invest in innovation.

  • • Promote multidisciplinary teams and encourages creative work.

Administration: set your company in formality and logs its practices, policies and procedures.

Customer service: create management centers needs and identifies opportunities that contribute to generating value through products, services and processes. How? Strengthening your communication channels (you can dip into social networks and blogs).

Human Resources: define a selection process, job profiles, salary table according to the market position and competence of the candidate as well as a training plan.

Commercialization: make sure you have updated your distribution channel, a team of professional sales and customer support service. Your sales force is your life force, so hire talented people and train them.

Logistics: these are the steps to achieve it:

  • • Understands deeply your business.
  • • Have a good warehouse management.
  • • Customer satisfaction monitoring.
  • • Never lose contact with the supply chain.

Corporate identity: creates a concept and spread it throughout the company. Remember that the image is mark’s personalization; It is what you want to project your company and what sets you apart from the rest.



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