How to deliver great customer service?

How to deliver great customer service?

One of the main concerns of small and medium businesses is about the quality of customer service. Whatever activity undertaken, it is important for success of any business issue.

To be sure that your company provides an adequate quality of customer service, Jhon Tschol, world's leading expert in service, shares us eight points recommended to provide an excellent service.

1. Focus on your strategy.

A long-term commitment and control of all general management is imperative. Develop a customer service plan, this will position you way ahead from your competitors.

2. Focus on the customer.

Make your company a customer service business.
Ask yourself: what can I do to get more focused in my customers?

3. Speed matters.

Facilitate your processes and make sure you have the right personnel for this change.

4. Get along with the right people.

A culture of customer service involves assessing and rewarding the contribution from your employees.

5. Let your employees decide.

Each employee must learn to make decisions quick and correct.

6. Train your team.

Invest on improving the quality of daily working and real service for every customer. Renew is a must.

7. Get rid of things you don’t need.

Assess the procedures that are wasting money and transfer them into benefit your customers.

8. Measure your results.

It measures financial impact of your strategy and demonstrates things that have evolved in your business: real earnings, market shares and average sells.



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