How does the new tax regime incorporation works?

» How does the new tax regime incorporation works?

Grow together is the new strategy of federal government, along with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) which aims to make around 28.6 million Mexicans entering the Incorporation Fiscal Regime (RIF).

Facilities and benefits offered by the SAT to become formally are:

1. Gradual Discount of ISR. New taxpayers are entitled to a discount on payment of Income Tax (ISR) for the first 10 years. 100 percent in the first year, 90 percent in the second; 80 percent in the third, and so on for 10 years. With this scheme they are allowed to mature as employers and as taxpayers.
2. Discount of VAT and IEPS. Taxpayers earning less than $100,000 a year are discounted to 100 percent in the first 10 years to use these resources in their business.
3. Subsidy contributions to IMSS. As for fees worker-employers, in the first decade they will each receive a benefit, and they can receive medical and social services, such as medical care in case of sickness or maternity, among others.
4. Nurseries, pension for retirement or INFONAVIT. Taxpayers who register on SAT have access to state nurseries for children of workers, a pension for retirement and housing loans through INFONAVIT.
5. Support to SMEs. SAT offers financial support through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, for small entrepreneurs.

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