How do you 'sell' quality?

How do you sell "quality"?

Phrases like: "The best quality at the best price" or "XX years of experience behind us" continue operating as commercial distinguishers for some brands.

However, all that customers today are expecting from a product or service are those arguments, and no longer represent a single sentence for sale. On these circumstances quality is not an extra, it’s something essential.

Globalization has made quality something common in various products. The difference between one laptop brand and another, for example, lies in areas such as technical support, design and an additional gadgets, because its processors are equal.

There are several methods to define positioning strategies, and are classified into 3 types:

1. Descriptive: in the case of Pilgrim 's Pride, a brand of poultry products, whose slogan was: "Fanatics about Freshness". When they have investigated their competitors, they realized that all brands of poultry spoke, in one way or another, about "freshness", so we had before us a descriptive differentiator, i.e.: Freshness is the less we are expecting as consumers.

2. Functional: functional distinguishers focus on rational and explicit aspects about the product. They can highlight successfully, but at the risk of being matched by competitors. In the world of Multivitamins, distinguishers are fully functional and are strengthened with an evil competition to highlight the number of vitamins and/or additional components they have such as Ginseng, Omega 3, etc.
The already extinct Mexicana de Aviación dared to make itself different from others as "the most modern aircraft fleet in Latin America", which is powerful heard, but involves a commitment to renew the fleet constantly to not stop being modern.

3. Emotional: this is the most effective way, because it is based on implicit meanings or aspects of the product, which are more difficult to match.
This is how “Soy totalmente Palacio” (“I’m totally ‘Palacio’) from Palacio de Hierro manages to express that is much more than a department store, it's a lifestyle; and GNP, with "Vivir es increíble” (“Life is amazing”), reach its goal by spreading an optimistic idea about building an amazing life, like everyone wants to.

Experience, goodwill and very good arguments will be limited against even more intelligent arguments from our competitors. Furthermore, if we continue with this speech we will lose any other recreational and persuasive resources, and find a truly competitive differentiation strategy.



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