How can you provide effective feedback to your project team?

How can you provide effective feedback to your project team?

One of the distinguishing features of projects is that they are unique. Probably you have done something similar, but never a venture alike.

This feature confronts us with an endless source of vulnerability and learning. Good use of feedback from the beginning to the end of a project, can be decisive when evaluating results.

Feedback is understood as the act of talking about a specific topic of impact in a relationship or in a result. In this conversation, judgments or opinions and statements, and provable facts are exchanged. Exchanging of critical judgments is not an easy task, we can generate fear, defense or justifications for not to do anything about it.

In studies published by the Oxford University, it’s set as a priority the Quality Review Process. This process has as main purpose the review and improvement of results through simple steps:

1. Evaluation of processes.

2. Operational and functional reviews.

3. Technical and performance reviews.

Also, must answer a series of questions in order to assess whether the process is being carried out correctly. The basic questions are:

• Which are the project’s goals and purposes?

• Have available resources already been assigned?

• Is this the best solution, or somebody have a better approach?

• Is it necessary to revise the project plan and tentative dates of completion?

It is recommended that any project that exceeds a one-year time, must have more than one review during this period.
Now, the work for the Quality Review Process is also performed after completion of project. It is recommended for project managers and all members with a list of "learned lessons”. Feedback is essential for success in future endeavors.

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