High School student wins competition for young entrepreneurs

» High School student wins competition for young entrepreneurs

Jorge Iván Cervantes Cabrera (student of CECyT 15) and Antunez Diódoro Echegaray (student of IPN) integrates a group of five young high school students in various schools that won the contest: “Express your Business Idea”, organized by Gallup and the Social Development Fund of Mexico City (FONDESO).

To expose his project, Cervantes was in Washington, USA, from 24 to 27 February. The student presented his proposal to Jim Cliftron, CEO of Gallup International Association. "I explained it in English. Cilftron told me that if I consolidate my project I would earn much money and he asked me if I wanted to be a scientist or entrepreneur ", Cervantes said.

His business idea is the establishment of a Clinical Laboratory, whose domestic policies allow the formation of a highly trained multidisciplinary team. This idea was planned with his fellow Arturo Gómez Sánchez.

"Express your Business Idea" competition arose in interest of statistics Gallup Company to find young entrepreneurial talent in high school.

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