Five steps to launch a successful food truck business

Five steps to launch a successful food truck business

In Mexico this business concept has begun to set a trend for being an attractive business model for customers and lower costs for entrepreneurs.

When seen as a profitable business in the medium term also it gives its owner the flexibility to travel from one state to another, if better opportunities are sought elsewhere or if there is a need to do so, the food trucks have begun to set trends. This business is not limited only to sell food, it also offers services such as beauty salons and boutiques.

Is there a formula for success to belong to this industry? The first thing that should be clear is that it must be constant and not wait for the business alone is a miraculous source of income.

Luis Elvira, president of the International Association of Food Trucks and Mobile Franchises, shares a basic guide to undertake this type of business.
1. Make sure you are related and you're sure you would want to belong to this industry.
2. Consider your time availability.
3. Take advice to have the right vehicle and adapt to the business concept: trailer, truck or motorcycle taxi.
4. Within menus which are most successful is having the general concepts: have a variety of dishes.
5. When you have a well-developed concept can go to the aforementioned association and participate in events: music festivals, company parties or parking department store.

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