Facing dollar volatility, what about exports in Mexico?

Facing dollar volatility, what about exports in Mexico?

Amid volatility that hits currency market, Mexico shares the Latin America economic slowdown problem: Dollar appreciation and depreciation of the Peso, this situation must give better support to exporting sectors and search for new ones and new markets too, spoken by Alicia Barcena, Executive-Secretary from CEPAL.

Depreciation of peso is one of the most considered facts that can support Mexican exporting, however, volatility could turn this fact against external sales.

Regional integration is beneficial for exporting, for example, the Alianza del Pacífico (Pacific Alliance) in which Mexico is involved.

While depreciation uses to be favorable with exporting, we must emphasize the fact that their payments are agreed by credit, furthermore, is not the only element helping but competitiveness, cost efficiency and delivery times.

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Source: http://www.altonivel.com.mx/55160-ante-volatilidad-mexico-debe-diversificar-exportaciones.html


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