Export your franchise in 7 steps

Export your franchise in 7 steps

One mistake could ruin your mark on an entire market. Here's a guide to the important steps you'll need to take along the road to becoming a new franchisor.

1. Analyze the current state of your company: Are you ready operational and logistics to send goods abroad? Take note that you must be able to respond instantly to your customers orders. Develop a manual that reflects the knowledge and skills of business management guidelines worldwide.

2. Choose the right investor: this is one of the central points. The impact that has investor will be received by the brand directly, this may put on the line the sustainable development of franchise in a whole market.

3. Take advice legally: adapt to the laws of each country's franchises. A good advice on topics highly trained commercial distribution is the key.

4. Take care of the brand: keep in order all permits and trademark registrations, sanitary licenses, among others.

5. Evaluate the market: performs market research to establish prices and see whether or not they make accommodations for cultural influence.

6. Adapt: homogenized the language of all papers to the terms used in legal, administrative and commercial area of the country concerned.

7. Know your partner: communication is key, do not leave until you've made the deal. Close and deal most of the process personally.

If you got a successful national franchise expansion may be ready for export. Reply your recipe for success with the help of advisers. In MVP Business Strategy we help in the process of internationalization.

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