Do you feel that your company or your projects not progressing?

» Do you feel that your company or your projects not progressing?

It is well known that moment when you've reached some stability in your company or business and yet you feel swamped by tasks and activities that seem not have a real impact on growth of your business and prevent be doing those that could detonate growth you crave.

Robert Middleton in his book The Unstuck Process proposes a series of 12 questions you should understand and answer introspectively to avoid stagnation.

1. Where are you stuck, or what are you avoiding?
2. What is your primary feeling when you experience this?
3. How do you behave when you experience this?
4. What is the belief underneath the avoidance?
5. You’re convinced the belief is true, but is it?
6. Is this belief working for you?
7. What are the costs of attaching to this belief?
8. a) What is the payoff of attaching to this belief?
b) Is the payoff real and is it worth it?
9. Who would you be and how would things be, if it were impossible to attach to this belief?
10. What possibilities might open up to you, if you no longer identified with this belief?
11. It is OK just to be who you are without having this belief anymore?
12. What will you do next?

Although these questions seem more self-improvement and not for business administration or marketing you may surprise how closely related they are your personal beliefs with the way you function professionally. Many of these beliefs prevent you to focus on what's important, you complete tasks necessary to make decisions for the growth of your business that you communicate effectively and fulfill the objectives.

If you are going through a similar moment we recommend this book and look deeper into the issue. You can also rely on experts to help you implement what you have been putting off for your business.



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