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» Digital consumer Profile

Understanding consumers behavior to design marketing strategies that satisfy customers needs and, at the same time, being able to optimize opportunities for business growth is one of the main requirements of brands, agencies and retail companies.

The line between online and offline shopping are blurring is increasingly as a direct consequence of the rapid and high penetration of new technologies in daily habits of country consumers.

According to World Internet Project data, for the 2014 second quarter, in Mexico there were 59 million Internet users, exceeding 52 million people network connected, reported by IAB Mexico during July 2013.

For the near future, these numbers are projected to continue on a steady and accelerated growth. In this regard, forecasts of Latin America & Caribbean Network Information Center assume that at the end of this year the country will have 65 million people with internet access, which in next three years increased to reach 80 million.

According to the Research Department of Merca2.0, among the many activities that digital users perform to connect to network corresponds to finding information (58.8 percent frequency), where previous research of a product is recurrent.

Gerardo Brehm, project director for the Mexican Association of Standards for Electronic Commerce (AMECE-GS1), "something that is defining digital buyer is the mentality consumption where everything revolves around the obtained information. More and more people have in their hands the decision to buy -the famous moment of truth- and this expression means that all bring a cell phone in hand and therefore ease information access through different media: blogs, social networks, websites, friends, and others. More than 70 percent of consumers review comments about a product or a brand before they buy".

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