Companies are concerned about Finance control over inventories

» Companies are concerned about Finance control over inventories

Tax Administration Service (SAT) published Annex 31 of the general rules of international trade, with which it exercised control over inventories temporary imports of certified firms that do not pay VAT or IEPS.

Services Director Northeast Comce, Jesus Octavio González, explained that there is a concern on the part of foreign trade companies, as lack of clarity in the way of control exercised authority over inventories from the first of January 2015.

The control over inventories serve to verify import and monthly return import for certifications VAT and IEPS.

"There is a concern and anxiety within Immex companies were certified on VAT or those who are going to use guarantee of temporary imports ", he added.

Authority is tuned to comply with import controls and the return of such imports.

The authority will be tuned to comply with import controls and return of such imports.

"There was a buzz of Annex 31, and once published there is confusion in the wording because conceptually shows two leaves no doubt”.

“That control inventory will require the authority as a condition for the company to maintain certification and guarantees scheme, through bonds or letters of credit”. He said that less than half of the maquiladoras Immex were certified to not pay VAT on imports to perform. In Nuevo León is estimated that operate less than 1,000 maquiladoras Immex.

These new control will force companies to take their daily inventory control.

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