Body language in job interviews: 5 tips for success

Body language in job interviews: 5 tips for success

Many people think that the most important thing in a job interview is the curriculum and how to verbally communicate your work experience, but there is something that is equally relevant in this process: the non-verbal language.

While there is no foolproof user´s manual as a guide to detect "hot spots" in the personality of a candidate, there are certain aspects that can help us identify them. Whether you 're a recruiter or an interviewed pay close attention to nonverbal cues.

Five steps to consider:
1. Go prepared: when you are sure there are fewer language problems, preparing for an interview always generates confidence. Your body language and personality can be deciding if you're facing someone with the same qualifications and experience point.
2. Wait patiently: is common that as soon you walk through the building door to start being judged on your performance. Take a stand in an upright position helps to pretend that you are confident and able to handle stress, pressure and expectations that come together in a job interview context.
3. Sit confidently: let your words speak, using gestures to convey a point. Some distracting for the interviewer may be touching your face and hair.
4. Maintain eye contact: while it is not a staring contest, you must make eye contact during the interview, both when you are listening as when you 're talking about
5. Say goodbye with a smile: closes with a handshake, eye contact, a genuine smile and the usual compliments; They are the perfect way for an interviewer to remember you.

The ways in which people are hired and trained are the first impression of the organization and contribute to how they feel about it in the long term, and the quality of their work.

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