Barriers when exporting

Barriers when exporting

It’s normal that entrepreneurs encounter obstacles when bringing their products to other countries. If you are thinking about venturing into this category, UPS logistics company presented a study on exports to Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities, to meet challenges and opportunities for this sector.

  • • Speed and reliability: its major concern is arriving on time and safely, especially in automotive industry, manufacturing and technology. Because, most of these companies are linked to more complex production processes.
  • • Damage and loss: a lost package generates economic losses and unhappy customers. Which translates as a huge problem in a brand’s supply chain.
  • • Customs efficiency: being assisted by a logistics partner, trained and coordinated work of all areas, will bring measurable benefits in export processes with customs.
  • • Clarity in the processes: understanding laws and rules of their customers abroad is a growing need among all companies.

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