Avoid these mistakes to take your business to the global market

» Avoid these mistakes to take your business to the global market

About 47 percent of medium-sized companies in Mexico fail in attempt to cross borders and expand its market. The owners of these companies lose by ignoring the market, being reluctant to change or forgetting the competition.

Being international is no longer for big companies. If you are looking to expand the market for your company, do not let these four errors will lead to failure:

1. Not knowing market regulations
It is required to make a prior market analysis, analyzing the most attractive for our product or service countries.

2. Don’t be open to change
Must not only take into account the particularities of each country but also differentiating strategy to explore competitive practices to suit new market advantages.

3. Seek advice from experts
Are the Mexican businessmen who often make the mistake of believing that local successful market formula can be replicated in the country to expand. The solution? Take advice from local experts.

4. Don’t know against whom it competes
Analyzes what opportunities exist, what their strengths are and assesses the risks that can be found. Remember that every action we take will have a response from our competition.

The spirit of expanding to other countries is more attractive than ever in business world. If you want to expand your company, in MVP Business Strategy we will be with you to invest in cost-effective solutions that grow with your business.

Source: http://www.cnnexpansion.com/especiales/2015/07/02/4-errores-comunes-al-llevar-tu-negocio-al-mercado-global


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