3 recruitment trends for 2016

3 recruitment trends for 2016

Times change and methodologies will transform or become obsolete. Did you know, nowadays, internet and social networks are main tools for job searching and recruitment?

Paradoxically, studies show that there are very talented people in Mexico, and most of them are looking for a good job alternative on the internet.

So, are companies looking in the wrong way? What do they need to be better as headhunters?

LinkedIn carried out a study: "Recruitment trends in Mexico ", in which is revealed what kind of priorities is this country facing, and includes:

1. Hiring highly qualified talents.

2. Improving recruitment quality.

3. Improving tools of choice for recruiting.

On the other hand, companies’ main obstacles for tracking the best candidates are:

1. Payment.

2. Location.

3. Competitors.

To solve these problems, companies should be working on three factors, if they want to attract the best talent and create value for their brands.

• Improve employee’s personal branding
Again, corporate reputation (inside and outside the organization) is a focal point to be competitive inside the market.


  • ◊ Creation of media
  • ◊ Strengthen internal communication in organizations
  • ◊ Strengthen your social networks

• Improve your recruiting tools
Professional social networks are a main source for recruitment.


  • ◊ Creation of corporate fan pages.

• Note passive candidates
We mean candidates who already have a job, but they might be open to better job offers. Nevertheless, only 61 % of recruiters are looking inside this range.

Human Resources area must be open to new criteria for recruitment, aligned with new technologies and available tools on the market, under the scheme of organizational change.

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