10 questions that help to create a business plan

10 questions that help to create a business plan

Today entrepreneurs are expected to be able to show their plan and strategies in a concise PowerPoint presentation, complete with pictures and informative graphs.

For example, if you're looking for venture capital for your company, you will need to address key issues such as the size of your market, the experience of your team and your long-term financial goals. Remember that showing your business plan is effective can be especially challenging.

These are key points you should think about before creating your business plan:

1. Prove that you are fulfilling an unmet need in the market.
Make market research on a small scale and evaluate your offer to be able to project, realistically, how much you will sell in the future.

2. Explain that your idea is not just a fad.
It's critical that you understand perfectly how you will find, get and retain customers.

3. Exhibit why you are better than the competition, present and future.
You need to explain exactly how you plan to differentiate yourself from them.

4. The story behind your financial projections.
You can’t just play the numbers, you should detail the strategies and decisions that will make you pass from point A to point B.

5. Represent graphically elements of the plan.
Some parts of your business can easily be represented with graphs, as the financial projections for the bars.

6. Detail how you will use the money of investors .
It emphasizes the costs you expect to have, when to get in the break-even point and what areas will invest the money.

7. Recruit some counselors.
Conduct a board meeting (a small group comprised of industry leaders) that can complement your skills and help you formulate your plan.

8. Check that the team conforms to the state of your business.
Be more conservative in the founding of the company and avoid excess equipment for your business needs.

9. Displays the exit plan for your business.
Potential investors will want to know how to receive a return on investment.

10. Provides for a personal exit plan.
Potential investors will want to know, that you have defined your personal goals and how have you align the business goals with them.

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